Montañita Beach

Montañita is a magical beach.

The combination of a perfect right wave, golden sand and tropical vegetation have made this place a truly paradisiacal beach from long time ago, when you cannot even see it in the maps of Ecuador.

Montañita (can be translated as “little hill”) become famous very slowly, decades ago, as a place only for surfing, with only a few rustic fishermen houses and one or two surfers tent on summer time.

Few years later, Montañita grow with some summer houses, little hotels and only a few little restaurants, all built mostly by Guayaquil born and foreign people that felt in love with this place and decided to establish at this beach, from tropical sea lovers to surfers that like the ocean, the warm water and the peaceful ambience that still can be felt on the present.

Today Montañita is a multicultural beach, with tourists from all over the world that enjoy some surf lessons to a shrimp pizza.

Nightlife is an special subject in Montañita: Bars that transform into discotheques and music on every corner, that’s to the happy spirit of craftsmen and musician that always stay a little longer in Montañita than they have planned.