Welcome to Ecuador

AllEcuadorandMore.com. We are a travel guide, which will recommend you the best tour operators inside and outside Ecuador. We have a whole list of Hotels, Haciendas and Eco Lodges and the best Spanish Schools, since our country is considered one of the best destinations to learn Spanish. While you learn our language you can travel for the Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, too, observe thousands of different species of birds, orchids, butterflies, and great landscapes.

Ecuador Information

Ecuador is located at the North East of South America and its equatorial line divides it in two hemispheres. The northern limits are with Colombia, the southern limits are with Peru and at the West with the Pacific Ocean and the East with Brazil.

Because of the Andean Mountains, the Ocean and the Amazon our country has different climates. There are four geographic regions: The Cost, Highlands, Amazon Basin and the Galapagos Islands.