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Ecuador is a country that offers activities like hiking in the Andes, climbing high volcanoes, bird watching and nature tours, Amazon Rain Forest tours and cruises, cultural, adventure and educative tours and off course tours and cruises in the enchanted Galapagos Islands for all budgets.
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Rafting and Kayaking Tours

This extreme sport adventure is full of adrenaline, there are so many rivers where you can practice this sport and that on the same time have different levels of difficult. Here we offer you our experienced and professional tour operators in this area that will take you safely to those places. If you are beginner don’t worry there are plenty destinations for you too, this can be in the Amazon Basin or in the Cloud Forest.




EQ Touring - Ecuador Tours OperatorRAFTING TOURS ECUADOR Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking Tours in Banos, Tena, Puyo; Rivers; Pastaza, Jondachi, Hollin, Jatunyacu, Misahualli, Quijos, Toachi and Blanco, tropical whitewater rafting trips and expeditions in the jungle, kayaking school and courses.