A big variety of hotels are found in Ecuador going from the budget accommodation up to the high end and upscale clientele who is looking for luxury hotels or boutique hostels. In Ecuador you can stay in the most comfortable Amazon lodges in the Forest or cozy colonial haciendas in the Andes.
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Guayaquil is the main city in the coast and one of the most modern ones. Today Guayaquil has so many places to visit and two big museums that it is really worth to spend couple nights there. That is why we listed here names of hotels that we recommend you and hope to be as much helpful as possible.



GRAND HOTEL GUAYAQUIL The Grand Hotel Guayaquil is unique; it shares a whole city block with the largest and the most spectacular Cathedral in Guayaquil. The Cathedral's spires and impressive stained glass windows adorn the hotel's inner court that includes a cozy pool, a waterfall and a lush 45-foot tall climbing garden.