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Ecuador is a country that offers activities like hiking in the Andes, climbing high volcanoes, bird watching and nature tours, Amazon Rain Forest tours and cruises, cultural, adventure and educative tours and off course tours and cruises in the enchanted Galapagos Islands for all budgets.
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The Amazon Jungle is a world like no other, full of plants, animals, and sensations you cannot see or feel anywhere else in the world. What better way to explore this untouched paradise than onboard a luxury ship, enjoying intriguing adventures each day, and returning each evening to relax in the pure luxury? Come join us, and experience the adventure of a lifetime, seeing the Amazon as few others see it.




The M/V Aqua is the first truly luxurious river cruise ship to ply the Amazon within Peru. Wake up each morning and gaze out the panoramic window in front of you to see the various creatures of the Amazon rainforest beginning to stir as the sun rises over this great rainforest. Each day after breakfast, head out on an excursion through this extraordinary world of dense forest to see animals and plants found nowhere else in the world. Return to the ship each evening to unwind and reflect on the experiences from the day.

Awaken your senses as you fly to Iquitos and board the Peruvian Amazons first luxury ship the M/V Aqua. As we wind our way deep into the Amazon, you will begin to experience a world like no other, seeing, smelling, and feeling things you’ve never imagined. Enjoy the creatures of your Amazon from the observation deck of the ship, or the panoramic window of your cabin before heading out on the excursion of the day to see them all up close. Return to the ship each evening to unwind and reflect on the experiences from the day.


Head to the M/Y Manatee Explorer from Coca and prepare for an adventure! Spend the next few days winding through the Ecuadorian Amazon, taking daily excursions to spot all of the incredible plants and animals which call this section of the Amazon home. Throughout your tour, you will get the chance to visit four different protected sections of the Ecuadorian Amazon, go for a swim in a jungle camp with the local people, and spend nights on the sun deck, looking at the great abundance of stars above you. There is simply no better way to explore this wonderful region of the world!